Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics is one of the leading among the HORIZONT Group business units. Enterprises within the BU are constant in their efforts delivering the best high-quality products and experiences to the customers. The product line can be found on the website.
Enterprises comprising the business unit:
of Electronics and Household Appliance"
is one of the largest manufacturers of household appliances and electronics in the CIS for today. During the high season, the production capacity can reach up to 8.000 units of television equipment per shift. The factory also focuses on strengthening the business with different TV-lineups characterized by ULTRA HD 4K and 8K resolution, the best image quality and Smart TV control system based on artificial intelligence.

Assembling a wide range of TV and panels is carried out by using ISO class 8 clean-room equipment. Particular attention is paid to the quality of production, so the factory has an advanced electronic system for automatic control and products accounting.

Vast production experience and credibility on the international market enables corresponding to the current trends of worldwide market. Since interactivity and user-friendliness became one of the most priority directions of modern technologies, factory has mastered the interactive touch systems production. Today these systems are widely used in the education process, touristic industry, health care, culture and business areas.

A wide range of TV and panels assembled.
The factory has an electronic system for automatic control and accounting of products produced.

ISO Class 8 Cleanroom equipment is used.
Vast manufacturing experience
and credibility in the international market.
Particular attention to the
quality of production.
Presence in the free economic zone MINSK guarantees reduction in production costs.
"Midea-Horizont"Joint Venture

was founded by the largest household appliance manufacturer Midea Group (China) and HORIZONT Holding Management Company (Belarus) as the great result of successful synergy. The full production cycle capacity based on the modern equipment like automated presses, Gema painting line (Switzerland), the welding lines, assembly lines and test machines etc. ensures the production of more than 1.5 million goods per year.

The joint venture products comply with the modern market requirements and have a wide range of design solutions and functionality.

Full production cycle.
The latest equipment of automated presses, Gema painting line (Switzerland), welding and assembly lines, test machines is used.

Full compliance with modern market requirements.