Development BU mission includes the effective management of existing commercial non-residential real estate or real estate under construction. The other tasks also cover the creation, construction and management of multifunctional complexes located in Minsk or other regions of the Republic of Belarus.
of existing commercial
non-residential real estate
of multifunctional
in Russian Federation
Enterprises comprising the business unit:

"HORIZONT-BELINVEST-DEVELOPER" has been implementing new business ideas and providing better living conditions on the Belarusian market since 2010.

The main activities of the company include renting out the property for sales, warehouse and production purposes; real estate purchasing and selling; maintenance services for owned real estate in Minsk and other regions of the Republic of Belarus.

The company also can provide you with design work and solutions, connection to the telephone line, plumbing, installation, service of any complexity, locksmithing and finishing work.

"HORIZONTPROEKTSTROY" implements investment project ideas, the success of which guaranteed by many years of experience on the residential and commercial real estate construction market. The main activities include residential and commercial real estate selling, construction management and technical supervision, engineering and consulting services of various kinds.

"HORIZONT-SOYUZ" represents HORIZONT Group and TM HORIZONT on the Russian Federation market, supplying household appliances to the major retail chains.