Industrial Electronics

Among the well-developed HORIZONT Group BU is industrial electronics — a dynamic branch of science and technology with a focus on development and implementation of modern electronic devices and systems.
Auto components
Technical fabrics
Enterprises comprising the business unit:
мповт, технические изделия
Minsk Production of Computer Engineering ("MPOVT") company constantly follows the worldwide modern trends and engages in an active dialogue with the customers focusing on the uniqueness of integrated technical solutions in the field of industrial and automotive electronics, communication devices, telecommunications equipment, security systems, lighting technologies, fiscal registers and trading equipment.

Strategy of the company is based on the constant search for new ideas and bright projects with a good potential on the market.
измеритель, приборостроение, радиоэлектрика
"Izmeritel" company is an instrument-making enterprise focused on the production of complex radio-electronic products. The presence of qualified developers, a certified testing center accredited for the technical competence and, а quality management system let the company offer each client a unique product in optimal terms. The full production cycle — from the development and comprehensive pre-manufacturing work to the production of complex radio-electronic products and systems including precise mechanics — guarantees a flexible pricing system.

термпопласт, пластик
Being a modern production complex, "Termoplast" Minsk factory is one of the leaders among the Belarusian enterprises producing high-quality plastic products. The factory constantly monitors and implements the latest trends, so the products are in great demand among the consumers inside the country and abroad.

белит, техническая салфетка, ветошь
"Plant Belit"

"Plant Belit" is the largest manufacturer of technical napkins, rags, needle-punched non-woven fabrics and beautification element. Around many advantages are highly qualified staff, location in the free economic zone "VITEBSK" and a prime location with rail and road links nearby.